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Enrollment Previous Years

Enrollment Previous Years

Term Specific Enrollment Reports

AY2016-2017 Enrollment Dashboards

AY2015-2016 Enrollment Dashboards

AY2014-2015 Enrollment Dashboards

AY2013-2014 Enrollment Dashboards

AY2012-2013 Enrollment Dashboards

AY2011-2012 Enrollment Dashboards

AY2010-2011 Enrollment

AY2010-2011 Enrollment

AY2009-2010 Enrollment

AY2008-2009 Enrollment

  • Summer 2008
  • Fall 2008 3rd Week
  • Fall 2008 EOT
  • Spring 2009 3rd Week
  • Spring 2009 EOT

AY2007-2008 Enrollment

  • Summer 2007
  • Fall 2007 3rd Week
  • Fall 2007 EOT
  • Spring 2008 3rd Week
  • Spring 2008 EOT

AY2006-2007 Enrollment

Enrollment History Reports

USHE Extract File Data Definitions

Most files are in PDF format. Use this link to download the latest free Acrobat Reader ® software if you don't already have it installed.