Graduation Rate Resources

Graduation Rate Dashboard Definitions




Graduation rates are the percentage of all students in the cohort graduated as of the summer term prior to the fall term of each subsequent year at the 1st year, 2nd year through the 6th year.


Number of students still enrolled as of the fall term of each subsequent year at the 1st year, 2nd year through the 6th year.

Age Group

Age group of the student during the semester


Participates in athletics at DSU during the semester.


The college that corresponds to the major the student is pursuing during the semester


The concentration the student is pursuing during the semester.

Degree Intent

The level of the degree a student plans to pursue during the initial semester: Less than a Bachelors, Bachelors. Non-degree-seeking students are not pursuing a degree.


N = federal exclusions are not included in the data shown in the results on the screen. Y = Federal exclusions are shown in the results on the screen. Exclusions include students from the cohort who left the institution for any of the following reasons: died or were totally and permanently disabled; to serve in the armed forces (including those called to active duty); to serve with a foreign aid service of the Federal Government (e.g. Peace Corps); or to serve on official church missions. Exclusions are only done the year of submission to the federal government. This has only been done for the 2010 and 2011 cohorts in the dashboards; exclusions raise the rates about 2%.

First Generation

Neither parent earned a college degree.

Former DSU Concurrent

Completed college credits at DSU during high school prior to being accepted as a new freshman at DSU after high school graduation.


M = Male, F = Female

High School

The high school the student attended.

Honors Student

Participated in the Honors program at DSU.

Index Score Range

The index score is the GPA multiplied by 10 plus the ACT composite score or equivalent. These are put in ranges as used by the institutional research office.


The major program the student is pursuing during the semester.


The number of students in the cohort. A cohort is a group of students tracked over time.

Not Enrolled

Not enrolled at the university the next fall semester one year later.

Pell Recipient

Received a Pell grant during the semester.


Race/Ethnicity of the student following federal guidelines.


American Indian pays, Good Neighbor Program = pays resident tuition but resides in another state due to inter-state agreements, Non Resident = pays non-resident tuition, Resident = pays resident tuition.


Fall or spring semester are the choices available.

State Origin

The state that the student came from before attending the university.


Full-Time = 12 or more credit hours, Part-time < 12 credit hours each semester.

Student Level

The level of the student during the semester. New freshman and new transfer students are separated first. Then students are coded as continuing freshman, sophomores, juniors and seniors based on their credit hours completed at the beginning of the semester. Non-matriculated students are non-degree-seeking.

Term GPA

The institutional GPA the student earned during the semester shown in ranges.