Program Breadth and Uniqueness

These reports are provided to help you evaluate your need for a new program. These reports are meant to address breadth as well as uniqueness. The Most Offered Degrees report evaluates the 2 Digit CIP Code for similar institutions across the nation and counts how many institutions offer a program in the given CIP Code, what percentage of the programs offer a program in the given CIP Code and what the average number of offerings/degrees are offered in the given CIP Code. Finally, it shows how many offerings exist at Dixie in each CIP Code. This is a two page report and shows first the Bachelor Degree offerings, followed by the Associate Degree offerings.

Most Offered Associate and Bachelor Degrees

Most Offered Master Degrees

Master’s Degrees USHE

Master’s Degree Workforce Demand

Associate Offerings in Utah 2014

Bachelor Offerings in Utah 2014