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Why Does it Matter?

Why Does it Matter?


Dixie State University has undergone a lot of change since 2014, the last time we took the Great Colleges Survey. We have new Administration (President Williams, Provost Lacourse, and Peter Gitau – Vice President of Student Affairs), new leadership positions (Courtney White - Chief of Staff, Doajo Hicks – General Counsel, Cindy Cole – Associate General Counsel/Title IX Coordinator ,and Jordon Sharp – Chief Marketing and Communication Officer) new directors (Travis Rosenburg – Human Resources, Ryan Hobbs – Distance and Digital Learning) and a new strategic plan. This is an opportune time to hear what employees have to say about such topics as campus leadership, communication, respect and appreciation, job satisfaction, the teaching environment, professional development, compensation, etc.

Since taking the survey in March of 2014, Administrators have listened and several of the items of concern ended up in the strategic plan and have been addressed. For more information see the stoplight report (

Faculty members, administrators and staff members are significantly impacted by campus climate. According to workplace studies, the personal and professional development of employees is greatly enhanced through a healthy working environment. Research suggests that faculty members who consider their campus climate healthy and inclusive are more likely to feel personally and professionally supported. Creating a healthy campus climate is important for faculty, staff and students.