IRB Committee and Forms

IRB Committee and Forms

IRB Committee Members

Name Department Extention
Andrea Brown(Chair) Program Assessment and Institutional Research 7595
Dr. Robert Morris (co-Chair) Criminal Justice 4427
Dr. Nancy Allred Music 7995
Dr. Greg Bartholomew Education 4406
Dr. Carole Grady School of Nursing & Allied Health 4802
Dr. Todd Hess Accounting 4343
Dr. David Roos Enrollment Services 7704
Katherine Leigh Chemistry 4377
Michael Peterson English 4373
Haley Leavitt DSUSA Communication Senator
Kaitlyn Oglesby DSUSA Education Senator
Jensen Stock DSUSA Math & Biology Senator
Dr. Song Gao Program Assessment and Institutional Research 7598

Exempt Research Submission/Response Schedule

Spring 2015 Submission Date Will Receive Response by
01/16/2015 01/30/2015
02/06/2015 02/20/2015
02/20/2015 03/06/2015
03/16/2015 03/27/2015
04/03/2015 04/17/2015

Non-Exempt Research Submission Deadline

Spring 2015 Deadline IRB Meeting Schedule
01/16/2015 02/10/2015

Can I still submit my research to the IRO if I miss those dates listed above?

Yes. The submission will be counted toward the next deadline.

Why need dealines then?

Two purposes: time mangement and quality.research

A good time mangement will help IRB members and students distribute their workload evenly. In addition, students should prepare their projects as early as possible and work closely with their principal investigator(s). Our past experiece tells us that many poor quality student projects are the result of “last minute” submissions at the end of semester. These very late submissions actually cause delay because of sudden workload increase at the IR office.

Forms & other Requirements

Form Purpose  Download
Research Proposal Evaluation List (for students only) a checklist for instructors to evaluate their student research proposals and helpful guidelines for students to write research proposals  word
Application Checklist a checklist for applicants to see if they include all required forms and supporting documents word
Clearinghouse Survey Any project should be reviewed and approved by his/her advisor or department first with advisor’s comments and signature.  The approved project will then be reviewed by IRO and/or IRB. word
Exemption Checklist a checklist to see if a project can be exempt from full IRB’s review under 45CFR46.101(b) word
Human Subjects Request (1) for any research that exposes human subjects beyond minimal risks;  (2) studies invloving clinical trials or experiments; (3) minors are the research subjects; (4) any research that is not exempt under 45CFR46.101(b), or sensitive topics that will have an impact on DSC or its students, faculty and staff word
Informed Consent (1)  for anonymous research; (2) names, ID numbers, and signatures are not required; (3) participants must be 18 or older; (4) returning of the survey/questionnaire implies that respondent’s consent to participate word
Participant Consent (1) for any research involving tracking research participants (examples are experiments and/or pre/post-test, survey, or interviews);  (2) participants are minors (under age of 18); (3)names and/or ID numbers are required for tracking purpose; (4) parent or legal guardian has to be present and sign the form on behalf of minors; (4)signatures are required word
Survey/Interview/Observation Request  for any projects involving surveys, questionnaires, interviews, and observations word

IRB Extension Request Form  for previously approved proposals which were not completed and extra time is needed to finish the study word
IRB Modification Request Form for previously approved proposals which need to make some changes to complete the study or research word

Which form should be used if my research is not about survey/interview/observation and/or trial/experiment?

Right now we do not have a form for that. We are currently builidng a form for a more general purpose that does not involve any survey, interview, observation, and/or clinical trial and experiment. It will be posted on the web page once it is finished.

Should I use Survey Request form or Human Subjects Request form?

  • Use Survey Request form if your research meets all of the following:
  • survey/questionnaire/interview/observation type, and
  • no name or ID is required, and
  • no minors are involved
  • Otherwise, please use Human Subjects Request form.

Which consent form, Informed Consent or Participant Consent, should be used? Can I use both together?

The major difference between Informed Consent and Participant Consent is the signature. An Informed Consent DOES NOT require research subjects to sign in order to participate in the research.

However, Participant Consent requires research subjects to sign in order to participate. If your research involves clinical trials, experiments, and/or pre/post-tests, use Participant Consent form because this type of research usually need to track their subjects for research records/results. If there are minors involved in the research regardless its type, Participant Consent form is required for their parent(s) and/or legal guardian(s) to sign before children can do the research.

You may use both Informed Consent and Participant Consent forms; however, it is not necessary. We do not recommend it unless you have a very good reason. For the protection of human subjects, we try not to identify them with anything. In most cases, a simple Informed Consent will do.

Can I write my own consent form(s)? Do I still need to submit DSC IRB’s Informed Consent form or Participant Consent form if I write my own?

You are welcome to construct your own consent form(s) to suite your own needs as long as you follow the general requirements set forth by the federal government. Please check with Code of Federal Regulations Title 45 Part 46 Section 116 (i.e., 45CFR46.116) for writing your own consent form/letter.

There is no need to submit DSU IRB’s Informed Consent or Participant Consent form if you write your own consent form or letter.

What other supporting documents do I need to submit in addition to the required forms?

The following items are also required:

  • finalized and approved (by the advisor or the department) research proposal (4 ~ 10 pages)
  • finalized and approved (by the advisor or the department) questionnaire or interview questions if survey/interview is used
  • any IRB submission or approval other than DSU IRB if available
  • any proof of permission from the place where the research is conducted
  • any posters, flyers, photos, …, etc will be used for the research if available