Visualizations and Dashboards

Dashboards provide a visual display of data, along with counts on DSU Headcount, Class Enrollment,
Graduates, and Course Grades.

This report supplies unduplicated headcount information by Major, Department, and College for five years (Fall only) by race, gender, major, or age, full/part-time, degree-seeking, residential status, and first generation on different student levels.

Course Enrollment
This report provides Enrollment, FTE (Full-time Equivalent), and Student Credit Hours (SCH) for each DSU course for five years (Fall only) and can be reported at the College, Department, Prefix/Subject, and Course level.

This report delivers the number of graduates for five academic years for all Departments, Colleges, and Majors, by race, and gender at different degree levels.

Student Status

Course Grade
This report provides course grades for five academic years by College, Department, and Major by General Education, Delivery Method, Location and Budget Code.